Puntland Martial Court Sentences Eight Al-shabaab Members to Death

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland Martial Court today sentenced eight men to death by a firing squad. Ayn and Mudug Martial Court foun the eight men guilty of carrying out assassinations as members of Al-shabaab.

The Martial Court Prosecutor reading the court’s ruling against eight Al-shabaab members.

For the last eight months Galka’yo saw the highest number of terrorist attacks in Puntland. Al-shabaab cells have masterminded the assassination of the former Mudug Governor and several journalists who spoke out against the presence of Al-shabaab operatives in the divided city.

The eight men have thirty days to appeal the martial court’s ruling. North Mudug regional authorities have pledged to strengthen coordination between security agencies to fight the “scourge of Al-shabaab”.

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