Puntland Parliament Rejects Mandate Extension for Somali Federal Institutions

Garowe (PP News Desk) — In a closed, extraordinary session Puntland State Parliament yesterday rejected the two-year mandate extension for Somali federal institutions expedited by the Lower House.

Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni briefed MPs on his visit to Mogadishu, collapse of the electoral talks and the controversial mandate extension for the Federal Government of Somalia.

Puntland Parliamentary Speaker Abdirashid Jibril reading out the result of the motion.

MPs voted on a motion proposed by the Speaker of the Parliament Abdirahid Yusuf Jibril: Should Puntland State Reject the Mandate Extension by the Federal Institutions? 49 MPs have voted in favour of rejecting the federal mandate extension; 1 MP voted in favour of the mandate extension; 2 MPs abstained.

Last week, the Somali Federal Parliament extended the mandate of the federal institutions by two years. Contrary to Puntland Parliamentary Speaker’s statement the Upper House did not have a role in the mandate extension for the Somali Federal Government and the bicameral legislature.

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