The Upper House Divided on Somali Presidential Term Extension

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — Senator Abshir Ahmad, the Deputy Speaker of the Somali Upper House questioned the legality of a letter by the Speaker of the Upper House Senator Abdi Hashi on the extension of Somali President’s term by two years.

Abdi, the Speaker of the Upper House, (left) wrote a letter without consulting his deputy Abshir Ahmad, who implied that the Speaker acted unilaterally in response to the term extension.

In the letter Hashi, who signed the letter with his title — Speaker of the Upper House — referred to the incumbent President Mohamad Abdullahi Mohamed as “the President whose term ended” and the Mohamed Mursal, the Parliamentary Speaker as “the Speaker whose term ended”.

Abshir poured cold water on Hashi’s suggestion for intervention by the International Community. “ It’s incumbent upon the PM, as the only legally caretaker institution to take full charge & oversee a transition of power” tweeted Abshir.

President Mohamed welcomed the decision of the Parliament to end political uncertainty and prepare Somalia for one person, one vote elections within two years.

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