Puntland Security Forces Receive Substantial Pay Rise

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland State Finance Minister Hassan Shire enumerated a set of policies the State government had implemented to reform security forces and boost remuneration packages for soldiers.

Shire delivered a speech for security forces trainees who underwent a training. “Puntland State government has tripled the salaries of security forces.

Hassan Shire: “We have tripled salaries for Puntland security forces.”

In addition, the State government has put in place policies to look after members of the security forces who are wounded on duty. We will give wounded soldiers the medical attention they deserve” said Puntland Finance Minister.

Last year Puntland State introduced biometric-based security reforms that substantially reduced phantom soldiers on security forces’ payroll.

Puntland State Government shoulders the responsibility to pay blood money to families of victims accidentally killed by security forces, a policy that brought to an end payment of compensation or blood money by the subclan of a soldier accused of causing accidental injury or loss of life.

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