EU Funds Major Infrastructure Projects in Somalia

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — Under the Somalia Regional Corridors Infrastructure Programme the European Union will fund several infrastructure projects in Somalia.

The agreement signed by the Federal Government of Somalia and the European Union will pave the way for the renovation, grading and compactinf of 647 km of roads in five regions in south central and south western Somalia.

EU-funded infrastructure projects in Somalia will fuel economic growth.

The 327 km Beled Weyne-Galka’yo road will benefit from rehabilitation and Triple Surface Treatment. The construction of 100 km compacted gravel road will complement 241 gravel feeder road for Hobyo-Galkayo road. The 240 Galkayo-Garowe road will undgo renovation. In Gedo the 80 km Luuq Gane-Dolow wide road will be graded and compacted.

The EU will commit 42 milion euros to the insfrasture projects and implement the Somalia Regional Corridors Infrastructure Programme through African Development Bank “once the EU delegation signs the implementation contract with AFDB.”

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