TPEC Publicises Voter Registration Dates in Puntland

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Transitional Puntland Electoral Commision today published the schedule for voter registration in Puntland State. Voter registration will run between 16 and 29 May 2021. TPEC will oversee the pilot local elections to be conducted in two districts — Qardho and Eyl — and one village, Ufayn.

TPEC Commissioners unveiling the voter registration schedule in Garowe

Ten political associations will contest the limited local government elections, the first of its kind since Puntland political stakeholders rejected the democratisation initiative proposed in 2013 by the former Puntland President Abdirahman Farole.

Some political associations have reservations about the pilot local elections confined only to three local jurisdictions. “TPEC disenfranchises 80% of eligible voters in Puntland State” said Hassan Abdi, a retired civil servant.

TPEC has conducted civic engagement events at the three jurisdictions it had designated as the venues for the pilot local elections.

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