Puntland Prison Guards “Repulse” Attack on Bosaso Central Prison

Bosaso (PP News Desk) — The Commander of Bari Regional Police Colonel Hussein Ali Mohamud earlier today briefed the media on last night’s attempted storming of Bosaso Central Prison by Al-shabaab.

“Our forces repulsed the attack by troublemakers. Some prisoners who had escaped from the prison were apprehended although a few prisoners are still at large“ said Colonel Hussein.

Last night, a group of heavily armed gunmen attacked Bosaso Central Prison. A two-hour long firefight between the gunmen and custodial corps guards ensued. Calamada, a pro-Al-shabaab website, reports that “Al-shabaab fighters attacked, briefly took control of the Bosaso prison and released prisoners.” Al-shabaab claimed that its fighters burned two vehicles in the prison.

The surprise attack on the prison was preceded by planning. The proscribed group’s fighters blocked streets leading to the prison to delay reinforcements from assorted Puntland security forces. Live-feeds shared on Facebook showed heavy exchange of gunfire and use of mortars.

Al-shabaab’s attack comes one day after Bosaso administration banned carrying firearms in the city. “We will release a detailed report on the attack” said Colonel Hussein.

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