Puntland President Rejects the September 17th Electoral Model Agreement

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni has accused President of Somalia Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed of dictatorial policies to stay in power.

In a 135 minute-long speech at Puntland Development and Research Center, President Deni recounted successive talks on the September agreement on the electoral model. He claimed that his visit to Mogadishu in September 2020 had forestalled instability that could have befallen Mogadishu due apprehension about unilateral term extension by the Federal Government of Somalia.

President Deni views September 17th electoral agreement as a defunct deal

President Deni has slammed the International Community for insisting on the implementation of September 17th Agreement on the electoral model. “The February 19th incident followed September 17th Agreement” said President Deni,  referring to demonstrations organised by the Union of Somali Presidential Candidates.

President Deni had expressed concerns about Haramcad and Gorgor forces. “I have worries about the direction Somalia is taking. I always thought that security forces were organised along clan lines” President Deni said.

He questioned the motives of Yusuf Mohamud Siyad Indha’ade, a former warlord, who claimed to have taken charge of the security at the venue for demonstrations and that Somalia did not have a government.

“I don’t know what Indha’ade was up to. In 2006, he said that [Union of Islamic Courts] would pray in Addis Ababa after conquest.  The other day he said something else. I don’t know whom he works for” President Deni added.

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