Puntland Intelligence Agency Under Fire For Illegally Detaining A Journalist

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland State is becoming an intolerable place for journalists, as evidenced by the illegal detention of Kilwe Adan Farah by Puntland Intelligence and Security Agency (PISA).

The Chairman of the Media Association of Puntland Mohamed Dahir Aynsane today shared with the media details about the detention of Kilwe whose whereabouts MAP discovered today.

Puntland Intelligence and Security Agence kept Kilwe in solitary confinement for fifteen days before transferring him to Garowe Central Prison.

“Kilwe was in solitary confinement for fifteen days. PISA detained and kept him in a house. He went on hunger strike but his mother, whom PISA urged to talk to her son on the phone, had to persuade him to eat. Puntland Military Court signed the detention warrant used by PISA to detain Kilwe” said Aynsane.

Aynsane: Detention of Kilwe for fifteen days violates Puntland Constitution.

Aynsane, a lawyer and the secretary of MAP finally found out that “PISA transferred Kilwe to Garowe Central Prison”. Aynsane said that the detention of Kilwe violated article 27 of Puntland Constitution, which stipulates “a defendant must not be kept in an illegal place” and “that a defendant must be charged within 48 hours after arrest by authorities”.

Aynsane called on health authorities to provide Kilwe with the necessary medical attention he needs |”given the mistreatment PISA” had meted out to Kilwe. “While in detention Kilwe was not allowed to meet anyone. Kilwe’s wife, who did not know where he had been detained,  visited Garowe Central Prison to meet her husband” said Aynsane.

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