Al-shabaab Spokesman Orders “Assassination of Mudug Governor”

Galka’yo (PP News Desk) — The Spokesman of Al-shabaab Ali Dhere urged people of Galka’yo to execute Puntland-appointed Governor of Mudug Abdiladif Muuse Nur for blasphemy.

“I urge people of Galka’yo not to condone what the man said about mosques. You must execute him. He is worse than other apostates because he targeted the mosques” Ali Dhere said in a recorded message posted in Somali news websites.

Ali Dhere urged Galka’yo people to eliminate Mudug Governor for blasphemy.

Last year Abdilatif apologised for remarks about mosques he had described as places he does not like. “I am irritated by Muezzin’s call to prayer. To me a mosque is not a big d deal” he said before fully apologising and asking for forgiveness.

“I am a human being. I erred but I have repented” said Abdilatif whose brother, a former Mudug Governor, was killed in targetted assassination by Al-shabaab in Galka’yo several months ago.

Ali Dhere was addressing delegates from “different parts of Somalia” at an unspecified place controlled by Al-shabaab. “UNESCO said that Al-shabaab is training the young Somali generation to become extremists. It is at the forefront of the war against our religion” the Spokesman of Al-shabaab said.

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