Puntland Government Appoints a Second Committee to Tackle Currency Depreciation

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland Government convened today an extraordinary summit to tackle the depreciation of the Somali shilling.

Attended by Puntland President Said A. Deni, Vice President Ahmed Elmi, cabinet ministers, former Puntland President Abdirahman Sheikh Mohamud Farole and Farah Ali Shire, a former Finance Minister, and Professor Mohamed Said Samantar, a senior economist with SIDRA and the author of a report on the currency depreciation in Puntland.

Former Puntland President Abdirahman Farole(third from left) giving a presentation at the extraordinary summit in Garowe today.

In a statement for the media Puntland Finance Minister Hassan Shire said that Puntland State Government had doubled its effort to rein in monetary problems that plague the Federal Member State after businesses refused to accept the Somali shilling for transactions.

“We have appointed a committee made up of experienced members who will recommend on how to deal with the problem effectively” said Shire. Abdirahman Farole will lead the committee tasked with coming up recommendations. “I am not blaming businesses or money changers. We are seeking solutions, and that is why the Government has appointed a committee” Shire added.

Puntland Finance Minister Hassan Shire briefing the media about the summit and the new committee.

Puntland State Government has been unable to enforce instructions on the use of the Somali shilling for transactions.

In 2017 Puntland printed Somali shillinng different from the common currency used in other parts of southern Somalia where a decision not to print money keeps regions insulated from inflation driven by currency depreciation Puntland is experiencing.

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