Disagreement Over An Unplanned Village Sparks Clashes in Puntland

Iskushuban (PP News Desk) — Two subclan militias have clashed in the countryside of Iskushuban district.

Disagreement on turning a part of the countryside into a village sparked the clashes. One of the two feuding subclans intends to establish a village in a part of the countryside that is accessible to all subclans in the area.

Iskushuban district ( a file photo).

Six people have been killed in the clashes. Thirteen people were wounded. Reinforcements have reportedly reached the area and caused the resumption of hostilities in the afternoon.

Officials from Bari regional administration have left for Iskushuban to stop the feuding.

Puntland State Government banned unplanned urbanisation and unauthorised sealing off of countryside for business purposes.

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