Puntland Interior Ministry Rejects Dismissal of Dhahar District Commissioner

Garowe (PP News Desk) — The decision by Dahar district councillors to sack the District Commissioner, Abdifatah Mohamed Salah, has come under fire from Puntland Interior Ministry.

“Puntland Interior Ministry and Federal Affairs states that the dismissal of Dhahar District Commissioner violates rules and guidelines promulgated in Law Number 7 of the Ministry and bylaws for district councils” the Ministry statement reads.

Puntland Interior Minister and Federal Affairs urges Dhahar district councillors to observe district administration rules.

Puntland Interior Ministry called on Dhahar councillors to observe guidelines and rules for districts and resolve issues in line with established norms.

Dhahar is the constituency of Jamal Hassan, the Somali Federal Minister for Planning.

Dhahar councillors relieved the district commissioner of responsibility following disagreements over 2021 elections in Somalia.

Dhahar is the constituency of Jamal Hassan, Minister for Planning at the Federal Government of Somalia.

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