Golis Telecom Adds the Somali Shilling to Its  E-wallet

Garowe ( PP News Desk )—  Golis Telecom today launched an electronic money transfer service  for Somali shilling users in Puntland. The leading telecommunications company unveiled the service in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland State.

“We have introduced  a service whereby our customers will be able to use the Sahal electronic money system to make transactions in Somali shillings. This is in line with the instruction from  Puntland State Government. We have put a lot of effort into designing  this service” the Head of Marketing and Public Relations told the local media today.

Golis Telecom joins the fight against currency depreciation in Puntland to add the Somali shilling to its e-wallet.

Golis Telecom is the first company to introduce the use of the Somali shilling for purchasing commodities or sending money to someone else.

The new service will enable costumers to save the Somali shilling in the separate account alongside the existing dollar-based account. In addition, the company introduced a service for money changers.

” Golis telecom will not play the role of money changers. Money changers will provide a currency exchange service” said the official.

Last week,  Puntland Government introduced measures to enforce the use of the Somali shilling for transactions throughout Puntland following the decision of some traders to shift to the use of US dollars for transactions. The Puntland-printed Somali shilling is the legal tender to be used by Sahal customers.

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