Mogadishu Mayor Raises Alarm Bell over Armed Robberies in Kaaraan

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The Mayor of Mogadishu Omar Mohamud Mohamed yesterday paid a visit to Karaan district where incidents of armed robberies have been on the rise. The Mayor asked for Kaaraan neighbourhouds to do their bit to help stem the tide of armed robberies in one of the largest districts in the Somali capital.

“Armed robbers terrorise people in Kaaraan. When a robber gets arrested by authorities he is vouched for my clansmen” said the Mayor. “If you want to keep robbers on the straight and narrow, refer them to rehabilitation centres run by the govrnmenent” the Mayor urged Kaaraan residents.

Mogadishu Mayor: No Miscreant will be let off the hook

“We will do whatever it takes to secure peace in Banadir. No miscreant will be let off the hook even if he turns out to be my son, my brother, your son or brother. Any miscreant will face justice. No civilian is allowed to carry firearms in Mogadishu” said the Mayor.

Banadir regional administration explores ways to conduct a security review to diversify subclan-based security forces in the capital of Somalia.

“Kaaraan is relatively peaceful but houses are worth less than houses in South Mogadishu. There is a perception  that the district is dominated by one subclan. It is like Dayniile” a resident in the Argentine Market neighbourhood in Kaaraan told Puntland Post correspondent.

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