Bosaso Court Sentences Two Men to Death

Bosaso ( (PP News Desk) — The First Level Court of Bosaso today sentenced two men to death for the murder of a fourteen-year old girl whose body  was found on 2 October in one of the coastal city’s neighbourhoods.

Mohamed Abdi Faray and Abirahman Mohamed Isaq admitted to killing Na’imo Abdi Mohamed whom they took in a car at night, raped and killed her.

Sentenced to death by a firing squad: Mohamed Abdi Faray (left) and Abdirahman M. Isaq (left).

The Court fined Garane Farah for allowing Na’ima to be sent to Bosaso without taking responsibility for her welfare.

The Chairman of the First Level Court in Bosaso,  who read out the ruling, said “the two convicted men can appeal the sentence within thirty days”.

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