Hawlwadaag District Commissioner “Attempts to Flood Neighbourhoods”

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — Calls to replace the District Commissioner of Hawlwadaag district Mustaf Ali Kheire are growing following his attempt to divert stagnant rain water on Jidka Soddonka into an unpaved street leading to the Bakara Market.

Blocked drainage system in Jidka Soddonka turns rain water in parts of the Road near Bar Ubax into a what can be mistaken for a mini water reservoir.

Hawlwadaag District Commissioner Mustaf Ali Kheire prefers to divert stagnant rain water into neighbourhoods.

The District Commissioner initially authorised technicians to divert the rain water into a main street but faced demonstrations from locals. Locals suggested to the District Commissioner to hire gully emptiers but he rejected the suggestion.

“By trying to divert the rain water into the street the District Commissioner tried to flood our neighbourhood” said an elderly man from the area.

The drainage system of most districts in the capital of Somalia ceased to function due to lack of maintenance for the last thirty years.

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