Nugaal Police Division Accused of “Power Abuse”

Garowe (PP News Desk) — Shukri Ahmed Mohammed was with her children in her house in Dangoroyo district when police officers knocked on the door and hauled her off to the police station.

“I pleaded with them to release my daughter but they arrested me too. I was released when local elders intervened. Then police officers returned to my house at 11 PM and arrrested me. They accused me of being a member of Al-shabaab” said Shukri.

Shukri Ahmed Mohamed was accused of terrorism activities, and briefly arrested without due process.

Shukri accused Dangoroyo district commissioner of her arrest. “[Colonel Mohamed Adan Jama], the commander of Nugal Division, transferred me to Garowe North Police Station” Shukri added.

Dangoroyo District Commissioner Mukhtar Abdirahman Ahmed denies any role in the decision to arrest Shukri. “The allegation is baseless. The commander of Nugaal Police Division arrived in Dangoroyo to arrest her on grounds of terrorism activities. When we found out about her arrest we had to travel to Garowe to secure her release” Mukhtar told Puntland Post.

Without due process: Nugal Police Division Commander Mohammed Adan Jama went to Dangoroyo to transfer Shukri to North Garowe Police Station.

Shukri spoke to the media about “abuse of power” by Puntland police, and called for Puntland State President to look into the mistreatment meted out to her.

Recently regional police divisions of Puntland underwent human rights training. There is little awareness about police procedures for counterterrorism particularly due process.

“Any terrorism suspect has a right to be interviewed in the presence of a lawyer. This case shows that Puntland Police has a free rein to arrest any person without due process” said Hassan Yusuf, a former law lecturer.

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