An Unidentified Gunman Assassinates Amal Bank Kismayo Branch Director

Kismayo (PP News Desk) — An unidentified gunman yesterday murdered Abdullahi Sheikh Abdisalam, the Director of Amal Bank branch in Kismayo.

Abdisalam was at Alanley neighbourhood of the coastal city when a Kalashnikov-wielding man shot the banker dead and fled the scene. Jubaland State security forces have launched an investigation into the murder case.

Abdullahi Sheikh Abdisalam was at Alanley neighbourhood when an unidentified gunman shot him dead.

Last month a suicide bomber killed Shafi Raabi Kahin, who was a leading businessman and the Chairman of Jubaland Chamber of Commerce. One year ago Haji Saeed Abdi, a businessman, was brutally murdered in Kismayo. No one has so far been put on trial for those murders.

Locals fear that Al-shabaab is exploiting complacency of security forces in key parts of the city. The magnitude of September suicide bombing showed extensive planning and collusion to target influential businessmen in Kismayo.

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