Al-shabaab Captures a Village Near Las Khorey

Bosaso (PP News Desk) — Al-shabaab forces yesterday captured a village on the outskirts of Las Khorey district in Sanaag.

About 50 Al-shabaab fighters arrived at Guryasamo, a village under the  jurisdiction of the coastal district.  The commander of Al-shabaab militias said they were conducting a security operation at the village and reportedly arrested several locals.

Al-shabaab fighters (a file photo)

Al-shabaab militias searched houses and instructed locals not to carry weapons to ensure the group is  the sole authority with coercive power.

Al-shabaab is tactically retreating into Sanaag districts after sustained attacks from Puntland State forces made it hard for the proscribed group  to plan and launch attacks from the Bari region.

Gurysamo is a strategic village located near  Cal Madow mountain range.

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