Puntland Licenses ‘Fuel’ Illegal Fishing at Gardafui Coast

Bosaso (PP News Desk) — Fishermen at Gardafui coast of Puntland have voiced concerns about the prevalence of illegal fishing at Gardafui coast. Gumbax and Bareda fishermen woke up to trawlers engaged in illegal fishing at Gardafui coast. Most trawlers allegedly have fishing licenses issued by Puntland State.

A Gardafui fishing community activist said that “some Puntland politicians benefit from fishing licenses issued in the name of Puntland State of Somalia.” Illegal fishing affects lives of Puntland fishermen and result in piracy. Successive Puntland State governments have objected to calls for transparency about fishing license revenues and the number of foreign fishing companies with Puntland-awarded fishing licenses.

A fishing community activist in Gardafui says Puntland-mediated Illegal fishing poses a threat to the livelihoods of local fishermen

“Politicians from coastal constituencies persuade Puntland State Government to issue fishing licenses for companies that wire money to politicians” says a person familiar with underhand fishing licenses awarded to foreign companies by Puntland State. “Politicians misappropriate revenues from fishing licenses. There has never been a motion at Puntland Parliament against non-disclosure of Puntland-issued fishing licenses ” says a retired civil servant in Garowe.

Puntland fishing communities fear the impoverishing menace illegal fishing poses to their means of livelihood will increase without cracking down on illegal fishing.

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