An unidentified gunman commits murder in Galka’yo

Galka’yo (PP News Desk) — A young man was yesterday evening brutally murdered in a mosque at Israac, a North Galka’yo neighbourhood.

Puntland Security officials said the victim, Saeed Mohammed Jama, a taxi driver by trade, was at Abu Hurayra mosque when a young man armed with a handgun had “committed murder and fled the scene”.

Murder in Galka’yo: Saeed Mohammed Jama was a hardworking young man who was killed by a gunman still at large.

Security forces in North Galka’yo launched investigations into the murder. The Northern parts of the administratively divided city underwent security overhaul several months ago following spate of targeted assassinations against senior and low ranking government employees.

“The assassination of a young, hardworking man in a mosque sent shockwaves in the district. In the past assassins attacked victims outside a mosque, not inside” said a local traditional leader.

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