Bosaso Municipality Quashes House Maintenance Tax

Bosaso (PP News Desk) — The Municipality of Bosaso, the commercial city of Puntland State, took an unprecedented decision on local government revenue generation and quashed the House Maintenance Tax.

Bosaso Mayor Abdisalam Bashir told the local media that “citizens rebuilding or maintaining their properties are no longer required to pay Maintenance Tax.”

Mayor Abdisalam: Citizens rebuilding or renovating their properties are no longer required to pay Maintenance Tax.

Bosaso Mayor said that there were no other agencies involved in the decision about the Maintenance Tax. “Bosaso Municipality resolved to reach the decision in the interest of the people of Bosaso” he said.

Bosaso people have welcomed the decision to end the House Maintenance Tax. “When someone decides to rebuild or renovate a property he/she creates a job opportunity for builders. There was no an economic logic to the House Maintenance Tax other than to discourage economic interactions of citizens” said Mohamed Isse, the manager of a mid-level construction company in Bosaso.

Bosaso is experiencing declining economic output due the unresolved issues about Bosaso Port run by DP World which has been accused of failing to honour the terms of the agreement.

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