Puntland Martial Court Sentences Da’esh and Al-shabaab Members

Bosaso (PP News Desk) — A Puntland martial court sentenced five men to jail terms and execution by a firing squad. The five convicts were found guilty of being members of Da’esh and Al-shabaab.

Mohamed Mohamed Said was sentenced to death by a firing squad.  Hassn Mosow Ali, Abdikarin Ali Mohamed and Hussein Abdulkadir Mohamed were sentenced to twenty-year jail terms each. Abdulkadir Said Yusuf was sentenced to a fifteen-year jail term.

The convicted five men have thirty days to appeal against the ruling.

Puntland Military court Attorney accused the convicts of “coming to Puntland from Southern Somalia for destabilisation purposes”.

Convicts have thirty days to appeal against the martial court ruling. The martial court did not allow reporters into the courthouse to cover the trial unlike civil courts.

Puntland hosts large number if Internally displaced People from Southern Somalia. A retired lawyer told Puntland Post that the allegation that convicts had travelled from Southern Somalia for “destabilisation puprospes” is not as significant as “the evidence in a case like this.” 

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