Qardho Police Seizes Illegal Liquor

Qardho (PP News Desk) — Qardho Police yesterday seized two lorries carrying illegal liquor destined for illegal sale in the adminstrative capital of Karkaar.

The Commander of Karkaar Police Division Colonel Abdi Asayr told the local media that the police would submit the case to to courts for prosecution.

Qardho Police parading a sample of the seized illegal liquor.

“The Police managed to arrest a group of men trying to smuggle the liquor into Qardho. Another group of men fled the scene when the police seized their lorry. They are still at large but we are confident they will be taken into custody soon. We will never be lenient towards people trying to smuggle illegal liquor into Karkaar” said Colonel Asayr.

Bootleggers source illegal liquor from Ethiopia. A senior police officer in Qardho, who asked for anonymity, told Puntland Post that Qardho Police Station had been tipped off several days before malefactors had left Galka’yo.

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