Puntland Parliament Summons Finance and Planning Ministers

Garowe (PP News Desk) — The Permanent Committee of the Puntland Parliament summoned Finance and Planning Ministers following complaints submitted by respective parliamentary select committees.

The Permanent Committee of the Puntland Parliament did not share with the media the content of complaints lodged with the secretariat of Puntland Parliament about the performance of the two ministries.

The Parliamentary Permanent Committee: Puntland Parliament is trying to shake off its supine attitude to the Puntland State Government.

Finance and Planning Select Committees of the Parliament delivered progress reports on inspections they conducted.  The session held today at the premises of the parliament comes in the wake of mounting criticisms about the role of the Parliament acting as an enabler for the Puntland State Government rather than as an independent institution with a mandate to keep tabs on government activities.

Puntland Ministry of Finance has been criticised for withholding World Bank grants particularly “cash transfers to vulnerable households”.

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