Federal Member States Clip Somali Political Parties’ Wings

Mogadishu (PP Editorial) — Federal Member States’ talks about the Somali electoral model entered a new phase. The reports that Galmudug President Ahmed Kariye had warmed up to idea that political parties should not take part in 2021 elections unsettle parties.

Puntland and Jubaland Presidents added to their list of demands the argument that parties will have no role in elections based on 4.5 powersharing system. Presidents Said Deni and Ahmed Madobe fleshed out their argument while in Mogadishu.

Political parties supported Dhuusamareeb III Agreement on Somali elections signed by three Federal Members States and Banadir region. The incomplete consensus on the electoral model pushed Puntland and Jubaland to the corner. To return the favour Puntland and Jubaland came up with what some analysts view as reasonable questions about the role of political parties if one person, one vote elections will not take place in Somalia.

Former President Hassan Sheikh (left) and Former Parliamentary Speaker Sharif Hassan may not welcome an electoral model that relegates political parties to a non-stakeholder status.

Puntland and Jubaland are happy with some points in Dhuusamareeb III Agreement particularly ‘provisions’ that grant Federal Members States powers to host and oversee selection of MPs and Senators.

The Forum for National Parties may not welcome a deal on an electoral model similar to 2012 and 2017 elections in Mogadishu. Somali political parties are registered with the National Independent Electoral Commission and recieve organisational development grants. The Electoral Law was drafted and passed by the Parliament with a view to conduct one person, one vote elections.

Federal Member States are bridging the gap between them to arrive at a workable consensus on 2021 elections.

The hope that a coalition of political parties will come to power in 2021 has been dashed irreparably. Political parties’ role would have legitimacy if return to indirect elections was not the option that Federal Member States find appealing and politically expedient.

Modifying the point on political parties in Dhuusamareeb III Agreement ends any pretence that Somalia has political parties.

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