A Somali Clan Raises Alarm About Illegal Sale of Land in Baraawe

Baraawe (PP News Desk) — Tradiotional leaders of Tunni clan have called on South West State President Abdiaziz Laftagareen to intervene to stop Illegal sale of plots of land in Baraawe, the administrative capital of South West State.

South West President Abdiaziz Laftagareen faces a host of challenges including illegal sale of land in Baraawe.

“We are calling on the South West President to deal with illegal sale of land in Baraawe. People are coming to the district with money to buy land illegally. Those selling and buying land in Baraawe are breaking the law” said one elder.

Another elder warned sellers and buyers about the consequences of illegal transactions involving land belonging to other people. “Selling one thousand plots of land to one person at five dollars for each plot of land is absurd. People involved in illegal sale of land in Baraawe have the intention to destroy the district. No land can be sold without the knowledge of the government and elders” said another elder.

Baraawe is an old Somali coastal district in Lower Shabelle region. It is one of the districts whose original inhabitants were forced to flee as a result of occupation by armed clan militias from other Somali regions.

The title of the story deleted by the Somali TV network reads in translation: “One of the Baraawe clans calls on South West President [to address illegal sale of land]”.

When South West State was formed several years ago Baraawe had become the seat of the Federal Member State made up of Lower Shabelle, Bay and Bakool but the South West Government works in Baidoa.

The spate of landgrabbing about which Tunni traditional leaders have raised the alarm adds to challenges facing South West State to address illegal sale of land and dispossession in a region known as the breadbasket of Somalia.

Editor’s Note: This story is based on a report broadcast on a Somali TV channel that deleted the clip.

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