Mohamud Hashi Accuses Somaliland President of Dictatorial Instincts

Hargeisa (PP News Desk ) — The former Somaliland Minister for Presidency Mohamud Hashi Abdi yesterday held a press confrence in Hargeysa to express his position on the forthcoming confrence of Kulmiye, the ruling Somaliland party.

Hashi, a former Mayor of Burao, accused Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi of breaking with the tradition of relinquishing chairmanship of the party once the party wins presidential elections.

Hashi: President Bihi did not become Kulmiye chairman through guile.

“Upon being elected president Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud gave up chairmanship of the party. President Bihi did not become Kulmiye chairman through guile. President Silanyo honoured a tradition and agreement to allow for other members to contest the party chairmanship” Hashi said. Hashi said that he would not participate in the fourth conference of Kulmiye.

“President Bihi micromanages the process to appointment the committee to prepare the conference. President Bihi should not be a President and party chairman at the same time. He should give up one” Hashi told Hargeisa-based media.

Kulmiye spokesman Hassan Gafadhi refuted Mohamud’s claim that President Muse Bihi had resorted to dictatorial practices to keep the ruling party under his control.

Hassan Gafadhi: No promise was made to Mohamud to become Kulmiye chairman.

“I am not going to respond to insults but I challenge Mohamud Hashi to share with us any promise made to him by President Bihi that he (Mohamud) will become the chairman of Kulmiye” said Kulmiye spokesman.

Kulmiye is the one of the oldest Somaliland political parties. It won two presidential elections — in 2010 and 2017. A row over the chairmanship of Kulmiye might affect plans of the ruling party to cling to constituencies won during the 2005 parliamentary elections.

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