Attorney General: The Somali Judiciary is not for Sale

Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The Somali Attorney General Suleyman Mohammed Mohamud told the media that money cannot influence judicial decisions.

“No one can bribe the judiciary. Anyone found guilty of letting pecuniary considerations override judicial decisions will face the legal consequences” said Mohamud at a training for judges, lawyers and law teachers.

Suleyman Mohammed Mohamud: Money cannot influence judicial decisions.

The Attorney General deplored the ranking of Somalia in global corruption surveys. “It is understandable that corruption on rife in Somalia due to collapse of institutions we experienced but it is unacceptable to be complacent about corruption. The judiciary must have integrity and fight corruption at all levels” the Attorney General added.

The Attorney General made a mention of the recent court rulings against corrupt government employees as evidence that the anti-corruption profile of the Somali judiciary has remarkably improved.

“We are now being looked up to as anti-corruption pioneers. We must keep up the good work” said the Somali Attorney General.

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