RRU “Denies” a Traditional Leader Entry into Somaliland

Borama (PP News Desk) — Somaliland authorities in Awdal have denied Ugaas Cabdirashiid Ugaas Rooble Ugaas Doodi entry into Somaliland.

Dugsiye accused Somaliland government of disrespecting the traditional leader whom RRU denied entry into Somaliland.

A large number of residents from Borame travelled to Gorayo-awl to welcome the traditional leader. Soldiers from Rapid Response Unit deployed at border between Somalia and Ethiopia opened fire on people who objected to the decision to prevent the influential tradional leader from entering Awdal region.

Ugas Abdirashid Ugaas Roble.

One young man had sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Borame General Hospital. Clips of videos shared on the social media show people shouting anti-Somaliland slogans, apparently angry at the decision to deny the tradional leader entry into Somalia.

Homecoming: People who travelled from Borama to welcome Ugas Abdirashid had unfurled a slogan emblazoned with “Welcome” in Somali.

Musse Arab Dugsiye, the Spokesman for Ugas Abdirashid, has accused Somaliland Government of depriving citizens of their political rights and disrespecting the traditional leader.

Influential tradional leaders and politicians have vowed to boycott Somaliland parliamentary elections unless the power-sharing system gets reformed.

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