Puntland Security Force Detains a Journalist in Bosaso

Bosaso (PP News Desk) — Abdirahman Abdi Mohamed, a journalist, remains in detention in Bosaso after the Puntland Security Force detained him without an arrest warrant three days ago.

The journalist’s family has not been able to visit him. PSF declined to state the reason for detaining the journalist.

Puntland Security Force detains people in centres in Bosaso where no one has a clue as to how detainees are treated while in detention.

Puntland Security Force has detained Abdirahman without a warrant from courts.

Puntland administration of President Said Abdullahi Deni was diffrent from previous administrations for not allowing security forces to detain journalists without a warrant from courts.

The detention of Abdirahman raises fears that Puntland is relapsing into an authoritarian mode to discourage journalists from reporting on government activities.

Puntland Security Force is a foreign-funded outfit involved in counterterrorism operations against Al-shabaab and ISIS.

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