Lasanod (PP News Desk) — A confrence to mediate between two subclans opened earlier today at Saahdheer hamlet in Sool.

The confrence is follow-up to a preliminary meeting held at Horufadhi village in July.

Members of the mediation committee briefed delegates on the progress of the mediation efforts and how the two subclans are abiding by the rules agreed upon at Horufadhi several weeks ago.

Garad Jama Garad Ali thanked committees for their peacemaking efforts.

Representatives from the two subclans have reiterated commitment to the mediation principles and that they will accept the outcome of the confrence to solve any outstanding issues.

The Horufadhi meeting bound the two subclans to stringent rules to deter renewed feuding. Both subclans honoured the Horufadhi agreement, a development that portends a satisfactory outcome once the issue of blood money gets thrashed out at Saahdheer.

Garad Jama Garad Ali, who is hosting the confrence, thanked participants, the mediation committee and the committee tasked with overseeing compliance with the mediation principles for putting their peacemaking efforts.

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