Hargeisa (PPM) — In the run-up to Somaliland local and parliamentary elections,  Dr Ali Khalif Galaydh, the leader of Khatumo, yesterday invited key stakeholders from Sool, Sanaag and Cayn to a luncheon at Hadhwanaag Hotel in Hargeisa to show solidarity and emphasise the need to prepare for elections to be held next year, discuss Somalia-Somaliland Talks and substantive power-sharing in Somaliland.

Dr Galaydh is “the force behind the inclusiveness agenda in Somaliland

Dr Galaydh  formed a pan- constituency alliance taking advantage of inactivity of Kulmiye cabinet members from disputed territories. Khatumo signed an agreement with the Somaliland administration three years ago although the Somaliland Government led by President Muse Bihi has not implemented the agreement.

Osman Qowdhan (left) and Ali Antar (right) urged SSC constituencies to be more pro-active

Osman Qowdhan and Ali Antar, an MP,  who delivered short, after-lunch speeches, urged SSC constituencies to be more proactive ahead of parliamentary and local elections in Somaliland.  An important element in 2017 Khatumo-Somaliland agreement was security reform and more equal distribution of resources including the 2% budgetary increase for Sool to alleviate the impact of inaccessibility of aid workers to the region due to the territorial dispute between Puntland State and Somaliland.

Ali Gurey: Unpopular domestic policies could cost Kulmiye Government parliamentary and local government seats

Somaliland political parties will contest local and parliamentary elections to be held next year. Ali Gurey, an influential Somaliland politician predicted that the incumbent Kulmiye government will lose more seats due to “its unpopular domestic policies”. Waddani is expected to keep both Sool and Sanaag constituencies in addition to winning more seats in Maroodi Jeex, Gabiley and Saaxil. “Dr Galayr undoubtedly is a political leader who drives the inclusiveness agenda in Somaliland” Farah Wa’ays, a Lasanod-based businessman, told Puntland Post.

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