Garowe (PP News Desk) — The first conference for Mideeye, a political association in Puntland, that began on Saturday,  has been successfully concluded in Garowe today.

The political association, whose name implies unity of purpose and action, has demonstrated its political capital through the diversity of high profile participants some of whom held ministerial positions in previous Puntland administrations.

Founders of the organisation and representatives from different regions in Puntland, where Mideeye has offices, religious leaders and women’s groups participated  in the conference.

The second day of the conference saw the election of Dahir Haji Khalif, a former Puntland Minister, as the Chairman of Mideeye. “I will live up to your expectations. The organisation  will make more progress” Khalif said. The Central Committee of Mideeye elected Najah Mohamud Ali as the First Deputy Chairman. Abdallah Sheikh Ahmed Yusuf was elected as the Second Deputy Chairman. The position of the Secretary General went to Mr Abshir Omar Huruse, a businessman who ventured into politics a few years ago.

Former Puntland Presidential Candidates Ali Haji Warsame (left), General Asad Osman Abdullahi (middle) and Farah Ali Shire (right) are members of Mideeye

Mideeye has the distinction of being the political association of which three former Puntland presidential candidates are members. “Mideeye supporters must double their efforts so that the organisation can win Puntland Presidency” said General Asad Osman Abdullahi, a former Puntland Presidential Candidate. “If Mideeye wins Puntland Presidency, the organisation will maintain sound relations with the Federal Government and Federal Member States” said Ali Haji Warsame, a former Somalia Presidential Candidate and former Puntland Education Minister.

Registered political associations will contest a pilot local elections out which three political associations will graduate to political parties. Some observers view Mideeye as an organisation of the old guard on the basis the former Puntland political leaders who are members of the Central Committee. Others contend that political heavyweights of the organisation could stand the political organisation in a good stead provided its political programme strongly advocates accountability, decentralisation and job creation for the youth.

Mideeye is the first political organisation to appoint a woman to a senior political leadership role. This move hints at a progressive agenda to involve more women in the political life in Puntland State of Somalia.

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