Garowe (PP News Desk) —  Garowe is hosting the first conference for Kaah, a political association of the incumbent Puntland State Government.

Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni, Speaker of Puntland Parliament and his deputies and Ministers attended the first day conference. Puntland Minister for Aviation, who is also the Chairman of Kaah, Ilyas Osman, delivered a speech. He described the political association as an inclusive political entity aiming to graduate to a political party after the pilot, local elections to take place in Puntland next year. Fu’ad Abshir, the Deputy Chairman of Kaah, gave a speech on the political programme, milestones the association has so far attained and tasks awaiting it ahead of local elections.

Kaah aims to boost its membership through a campaign in the nine regions of Puntland where it has opened branches. Kaah faces stiff competition from several political associations including Mideeye, and Mustaqbal, into which three political associations merged two months ago.

President Said A. Deni (right) and Puntland Parliamentary Speaker, Abdirashid Jibril (left) are members of Kaah

Campaign finance is a key issue facing the Puntland democratization process. Political associations rely on membership fees to campaign and organise annual conferences.  There is widespread suspicion that Kaah is using the public purse to put other political associations at a disadvantage. Puntland President, the Vice President and Parliamentary Speaker hold senior leadership positions of Kaah.

Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission has the mandate ”to create a level playing field for all electoral stakeholders, especially political actors.” TPEC will oversee the planned, pilot local elections for three districts in Puntland.

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