Garowe (PP News Desk) —  Mohammed Abdi Hashi, the second President of Puntland State and co-founder of the first autonomous administration in Somalia, was laid to rest in Garowe today. Hashi passed away in Nairobi three days ago. The Puntland State flag draped over the coffin carried by soldiers to the cemetery.

In 1998 Hashi was elected the Vice President of Puntland, a regional administration formed after intra-clan consultations that resulted from the failure of a Cairo-sponsored reconciliation conference for Somali factions. His term in the Vice President’s office was marked by power struggle that plunged Puntland into conflict when traditional leaders questionably unseated the incumbent, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed.

Mourners observing the funeral prayer at the cemetery

During the Kenya-sponsored reconciliation confrence Hashi was an acting President who was elected President when Abdullahi Yusuf had been elected the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia in October 2004.

Hashi’s tenure lasted three months. His administration organised the second 2005 Puntland elections in which he participated but lost to the late Mohamud Muse Hirsi.

Presidents of Puntland State and Galmudug State, the Speaker of the Upper House, the Speaker of Puntland Parliament and the fourth President of Puntland funeral.

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