Garowe (PP News Desk ) — Puntland Parliamentarians have given full support to a proposal from the Parliamentary Speaker to relocate the Parliament headquarters to another part of Garowe.

The Speaker of Puntland Parliament, Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril, yesterday sent a memo to MPs to secure their support for a proposal to relocate the Parliament to another part of the city where major government organisations are based. The memo noted that the way to go about the relocation is to sell the property that now houses Puntland Parliament. Jibril cited proximity to a residential area as the main reason to present the proposal to MPs.

Jibril has not disclosed how funds from a possible sale of the Parliament HQ could be managed

Puntland MPs yesterday held an unplanned, confidential  session to discuss the proposal in the memo from the Speaker. 41 MPs attended the session. 31 voted in favour of the proposal; 6 MPs voted against it; 4 MPs abstained.

What Puntland Parliamentary Speaker could do with funds from the mooted sale of the Parliament HQ has not been clarified. Sources told Puntland Post that selling of institutional headquarters will be unprecedented in Puntland public administration history and the suspicion that MPs could share among themselves funds from the sale will linger due to the confidential nature of the proposal.

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