Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland Authorities have taken into custody two police officers for staging a minor mutiny. Major Osman Mohamud Burale, the Deputy Commander of Nugal Police Force and Captain Mohamud Muse Bile, Commander of Garowe Central Police Station, have been accused of disobeying their superiors in Qardho district, where the two police officers are endergoing an advanced policing training as a part of the security reform initiated by Puntland State Government.

Major Osman Burale (left ) and Captain Mohamud Bile (right) were arrested for disobedience while undergoing a policing training in Qardho.

The Puntland Security Reform has not commented on the failed mutiny.  The Security reform involves biometric registration to weed out phantom soldiers on the payroll. Soldiers in Galka’yo yesterday staged a short-lived mutiny in opposition to the measures put in place to establish the correct number of soldiers in Puntland security forces.

In 2015 Puntland Government introduced security reform initiative that senior police force leaders opposed. Puntland State Government had to put reforms on hold until consensus on how to go about it is reached.

The administration of President Said Abdullahi Deni has reintroduced the security reform based on biometric technology to deal with a security problem from which unscrupulous senior offcers allegedly stand to benefit.

Salaries of security forces are now paid on biometric identification basis. There has been a substantial decrease in salaries paid to phantom Puntland security officers, a risk that contributes to Puntland’s susceptibility to periodic mutinies and planned attacks by Al-shabaab and ISIS.

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