Hargeisa ( PPM) –  The Somaliland  Parliamentary Permanent Committee has stripped Faisal Ali Warabe, the leader of UCID, a Somaliland opposition party, of his immunity from prosecution.

The Committee accuses Faisal of violating the Somaliland Constitution. “Having seen the applicability if article 2 and 8 of Somaliland Constitution and articles 2 and 18 of Amendment of Political Parties and Associations; the constitutional dignity and responsibility of the Speaker of Somaliland Parliament; the supremacy of the law; and the statement from Chairman of UCID Party Faisal Ali Warabe that he opposes equality of Somaliland citizens and breached the Somali constitution, the Select Committee accepts that Faisal Ali Warabe is incapable of acting responsibly in national matters and is a threat to the peace and security of people of Somaliland” the statement reads.

Somaliland Parliamentary Permanent Committee accused UCID Chairman of incendiary remarks for which “he will have to lose immunity from prosecution”

The committee resolved “that from today  Faisal Ali Warabe will not be regarded as the Chairman of UCID Party and urge Somaliland Government and our partners that support us in the democratic process not to have links with Faisal as a Chairman of a political party”.

The Parliamentary Committee has called for Somaliland Committee for Party Registration to strip Faisal of immunity, and the Attorney General to press charges against UCID Chairman for violating the Somaliland Constitution.

UCID Chairman has used incendiary remarks to accuse people in Sool region for not paying tax, and egged on Somaliland clans in Eastern regions to fight each other over territories. It was not the first time UCID Chairman used words that make his position as a party leader untenable.

UCID Chairman may oppose the decision but charges from Somaliland Attorney General could overwhelm his responses to the decision from Somaliland Parliament and prosecution should the Somaliland judiciary follow the advice of the Somaliland Parliamentary Permanent Committee.

UCID is one of the oldest Somaliland political parties. During the 2017 elections the party won less than 5% of votes. Waddani, a political party founded in 2012, won more than 40% of votes. If Faisal resigns or is sent to jail fierce competition on who could succeed him as party chairman will ensue if the party will avoid the fate of UDUB, which was dissolved in 2011 following disagreement over party chairmanship.

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