Hargeisa ( PP News Desk) –  On the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of gaining independence from Great Britain to unite with the former Italian Somaliland on 1 July 1960, Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi clarified last night an article in the recent agreement signed by delegates from the Somali Federal Government and Somaliland Government in Djibouti.

President Bihi: Somaliland anthem will have to be played at a friendly match between Somalia and Somaliland teams.

“Social interactions between Somali and Somaliland people particularly in sports will have to follow strict procedures. A Somaliland football team will go to Mogadishu only with a Somaliland passport and a visa from Somalia. The national anthem of Somaliland will have to be played” President Bihi said. “Friendly matches will not take place if this procedure is not followed.”

Somalia and Somaliland negotiators have agreed to promote social interactions. Persistent Bihi cautioned against use of social interactions for political goals. “As the Speaker of Somaliland Parliament has said, getting involved in Somalia politics is a crime in Somaliland” President Bihi told the audience at the Presidency.

President Bihi’s demand for a visa for Somaliland football teams will not affect other aspects of social interactions that have already been in place before being formalised in an agreement. “Mogadishu will never issue visas for any visitor from Somaliland” says Lul Hassan, a nurse.

A Somali citizen does not need a visa to travel from one part of his/her country to another.

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