Garowe (PP News Desk) —  Puntland State Government has once again expressed dissatisfaction with federal legislatures and the electoral law signed into law by President Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed four months ago. Puntland State questions legality of electoral and resource-sharing bills passed by the Upper House and the Federal Parliament.

“The electoral law conflates the 4.5 powersharing system and multiparty system” reads the statement. Puntland calls for consultations with federal member states as a basis for addressing political uncertainties during “the transition period”.  It is not clear if Puntland had accepted the invitation from Villa Somalia to attend the summit for the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States.

President Deni questions legality of laws passed by Somali legislators

The statement from Puntland State Government commends the Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi for his intervention in the addendum to the electoral law and his call for rapprochement between the Federal Government and Federal Member States.

During the 2019 Garowe Summit for the Federal Government and Federal Member States, Puntland was the only Federal Member State that demanded consultations on bills before submitting them to the Federal Parliament and the Upper House for discussion. Puntland views a collective leadership modelled on the 2016 Somali Leadership Council as the steppingstone to adopting an electoral model. President Farmajo rejected the suggestion to form a leadership council for a country with bicameral legislatures.

Abrogation of laws passed by the Upper House and the Federal Parliament, as demanded by Puntland State, could plunge Somalia in an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

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