Garowe (PP News Desk) —  Three Puntland political associations have agreed to a merger plan. In a meeting held at Marti-soor Hotel in Garowe, Qarandoon, Xaqsoor and Daryeel agreed to unite under Mustaqbal, a new political association.

The three political associations are already registered with Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission but have yet to meet the criteria to become political associations that will contest pilot local government elections in Puntland. The new political association will have to register with TPEC once the three political associations legally cease to exist.

Mohammed Ismail Mohammed (aka Siibed): The Interim Chairman of Mustaqbal was elected for his political experience

The three political associations elected Mohammed Ismail Mohammed, a Puntland Parliament MP, to become the Interim Chairman of Mustaqbal.

Common political idealogy and goals have necessitated the unification of the three political associations. This strategy may boost the chances of Mustaqbal to become one of three associations that will graduate to a political party in Puntland State after the planned pilot local government elections take place.

Born out of merger, Mustaqbal has revitalised Puntland democratisation process

There is a growing interest to transform Puntland political landscape from a tradition-bound political system in which politicians from certain social groups take turns on Puntland presidency.

The outcome from such political arrangements dating back to 1998, when Puntland was founded, has been political and economic stagnation, centralisation and resistance to political accountability.

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