Garowe (PP News Desk ) — Puntland traditional leaders have ended the constitutional crisis caused by conflicting interpretations of the role of the Vice President in ministerial appointments.

Influential traditional leaders of Puntland today met Puntland President Said A. Deni and Vice President Ahmed Elmi Karaash separately to bring to an end a political rift that had brought the government of the Federal Member State to standstill.

Garaad Saleebaan ( first from left, seated) and Islaan Essa (second from right) have led elders’ mediation effort

Traditional leaders held a meeting today with President Deni and Vice President Ahmed Karaash to publicise the outcome of elders’ mediation effort. Puntland Parliamentary Speaker Abdirashid Jibril and the First and Second Deputy Speakers attended the meeting.

In a press release traditional leaders noted the successful reconciliation between Puntland President and Vice President. “We have resolved political differences between the Puntland President and Vice President. We urge people in Puntland to support unity and governance and refrain from any actions that jeopardise cohesion and security” reads the press release.

It is not clear if the agreement will rescind the cabinet reshuffle made recently by Puntland President without proper consultations with the Vice President.

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