Mogadishu ( PP News Desk) —  The Federal Government of Somalia will launch an investigation into the killing of eight young men whose bodies were found at Gololey, on the outskirts of Bal’ad district. Al-Shabaab denied responsibility for the massacre.

The United Nations and the African Union condemned the massacre of innocent young men.

People in Bal’ad district yesterday took to the streets to demand justice for the families of the slain men who were health workers making difference to lives of people in Bal’ad and nearby villages.

 Al-shabaab does not control any district in Hirshabelle State but has a presence in countryside of Middle Shabelle. The proscribed group has accused the Federal Government of Somalia of the massacre. Al-shabaab has a history of distancing itself from massacres it deems detrimental to its image.

The group  views the staff of the Federal Government of Somalia as apostate and ‘legitimate target’ for assassination.

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