GALK’AYO (PP News Desk) —  Galmudug State Security Minister Ahmed Moalim Fiqi has witnessed the process of integrating South Galka’yon clan militias into Galmudug State security forces.

Minister Fiqi has facilitated the transfer of more than sixty fighters and five technicals from Saax Qurun village to Dhuusamareeb, the administrative capital of Galmudug State.

Ahmed Fiqi: Militias will undergo a training before being absorbed into Galmudug security forces

Fiqi said that militias would undergo a training before being integrated  into Galmudug Dervish Forces. Galmudug Security Minister thanked senior officials of Somali Armed Forces particularly Danab commandos for their role in maintaining security in Galmudug State.

Danab Commandos disarmed South Galka’yo clan militias

On Sunday organised clan militias attempted to release a businessman whom Danab commandos had taken into custody over alleged links with Al-shabaab. Intervention of elders in South Galka’yo led to negotiations that culminated in the surrender of clan militias on terms set out by Galmudug State.

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