Garowe (PP News Desk ) —  Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni has fired cabinet members and appointed new Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

Ministers who were sacked are Ali Sabarey, the Information Minister; Farah Awaash, Fisheries Minister; Yasin Ibrahim Isse, Deputy Finance Minister.

The following appointments were made: 

1. Abdullahi Ali Hersi: The Minister of Information, Telecomunications and Tourism. 

2. Mohamud Haji Salah: Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources.

3. Abdi Ibrahim Warsame: Deputy Finance Minister.

4. Ismail Saleban Gelle; Deputy Minister for Security. 

5. Ahmed Said Ismail: Deputy Minister for Water,Energy and Minerals. 

6. Saynab Ismail Mohammed: Deputy Minister for Environment, Agriculture and Climate Change

7. Mohammed Ahmed Hassan: Deputy Minister for Labour, Youth and Sports.

8. Mohamud  Ahmed Ismail: Deputy Minister for Planning, International Cooperation and Economic Development.

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