Borama ( PP News Desk ) — When Liban Mohammed Dahir’s brother had died of Covid-19 he asked the local hospital for an ambulance to transport  the deceased before  funeral. The hospital administration told Liban that hospital ambulances “are faulty”.

Liban Dahir deplored lack of medical advice on how to prepare the body for burial. “We were not able to find any health  professional to provide us with appropriate advice on the funeral. Our decision has been to prepare the funeral of my late  brother in line with preventative guidelines to prevent our relatives from contracting Covid-19. We asked the hospital administrators for a Personal Protective Equipment only to be told that the hospital sells PPEs. This is the receipt showing the purchase of the equipment from the hospital ” Liban said in a livestream to brief the  media on the matter.

“The hospital staff told us that there was  no oxygen for Covid-19 patients. They did not care about their duty towards patients. We procured oxgygen but the hospital staff said thithey were not able to adminster the oxygen to the patient” said a sister of the person who died of Covid-19.

Khadar Hussein, the Secretary General of the main opposition party in Somaliland, Waddani, has criticised  Somaliland Government for forming a Covid-19 Prevention Committee whose members lack the expertise to deal with and advise on the health emergency in Somaliland.

“[A] sad and common story. We’ve to speak louder and louder with clear and documented messages so that these inhumane and shamful practices will be exposed and stopped” tweeted Abdisalam Yassin, an influential educationist in Hargeysa.

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