Garowe (PP News Desk) — Puntland Parliament will resume sessions during Covid-19 emergency to settle the dispute between Puntland President and Vice President over a slew of appointments including a commander of Presidential Guards.

A note posted on the Parliament’s Facebook page about the 46th session to resume in June

“The 46th session will resume on 15th of June 2029” reads a note published on the Puntland Parliament’s Facebook page. “If the President and Vice President of Puntland do not put their heads together to end the misunderstanding over the appointments challenged by the Vice President on grounds of lack of consultations, Puntland Parliament will debate it” an analyst in Bosaso told Puntland Post.

Mohamed Ahmed, a member of Puntland Parliament, has expressed a personal view on how Puntland Parliament will settle any disputes over appointments by the Presidency.

A vote of confidence for Ahmed Karaash may be in the pipeline

If the last power struggle between the former Puntland Parliamentary Speaker and Puntland President is any guide, a vote of Confidence for the Vice President may be in the cards.

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