Galka’yo (PP News Desk) —  The Governor of Mudug Ahmed Muuse Nur and three soldiers died after a Toyota Noah minivan laden with explosives was rammed into the vehicle of the governor earlier today in North Galka’yo.

Al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. A senior security officer in Galka’yo told the media the attacker targetted the governor’s vehicle in an area near the headquarters of the regional adminstration.

The mangled vehicle of the slain governor

President of Puntland State Said Abdullahi Deni sent condolences to the families of the late governor and the three soldiers who lost their lives in the attack. Puntland State condemned the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Galka’yo.

In March Al-shabaab used a similar tactic to assassinate the governor of Nugaal Abdisalam Hassan Hirsi.

The deteriorating security situation in Mudug has prompted some people to question the effectiveness of the security reforms initiated by the incumbent Puntland State administration.

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